Quality Architectural Formwork


At COBRAFER CONSTRUCTION LTD we take your vision personally and we pride ourselves on our finishes because quality and craftsmanship go into every detail of our formwork.

Detail and Craftsmanship
Quality Materials and Tools

Scribing Specialists custom craft formwork to fit snug against rock faces.

Precision nail drives and uniform patterning on all exposed walls.

All joints and butt boards are finely sealed with tuck tape and all Corners are reinforced.

Symmetrical joint and uniform patterning on all of your exposed walls and reveals creates a panel like finish.

Control cuts on slab, establishing where the shrinkage and expansion will happen and/or epoxy finishing is applied.

We always recommend the highest quality concrete and aggregates.

High grade plywood (crown 43) or HDO on all exposed walls.

Our team uses clean, smooth, and well-dressed tools to prevent marring the form.

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