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Why Build a Concrete Home?


A concrete build frees you from design limitations and creates a safe, clean air, low cost & energy efficient home that's built to last your family for centuries


Energy Efficiency
The thermal mass of the walls and the tight seals at joints enable concrete homes to excel at keeping conditioned air in and extreme temperatures out.

Green Construction
less energy for heating and cooling, but concrete-walled houses also conserve resources by using fewer wood products. 

Healthy Environments
Fewer air-borne allergens, molds and contaminants than most frame houses, and they have cleaner indoor air.

Noise Control
Concrete walls filter out noise from outside.

Concrete does not harbor the insects and rot that can cause frame houses to deteriorate. Concrete houses have a building life expectancy of centuries.


Fire Resistance
Concrete won't ignite, burn or enable the fire to spread.

Able to withstand 250-mile-an-hour winds and wind-borne debris,

Temperature Control
A secure building envelope  means concrete houses have fewer drafts and less hot and cold zones.